We’re Down With Unbreakable Hatred’s “Dysfunctional System”

Quebec does brutal death metal right, so it’s no surprise that this young trio has already gotten props from members of Cryptopsy, Misery Index and Suffocation. The tech terrorists of Unbreakable Hatred are about to drop sophomore effort Ruins on Unique Leader, and we have the first bitter taste in the form of the utilitarian, b&w “Dysfunctional System” video. Technical wizardry meets OSDM rage. Get some.

“We are very proud to announce the premiere of the ‘Dysfunctional System’ video via Decibel Magazine,” says the band. “‘Dysfunctional System’ is the second track off the forthcoming album, which will be released on August 21. The concept of the song is about a murderer who killed his two children and got released a few months later. The band denounces the fact that we have a  corrupted justice system in general. We try to demonstrate that we are a simple and brutal band to the world.”