HALLOWEEN IN JULY: Temple of Void’s “The Embalmer’s Art”

I have to say, when I went to temple as a young Jewish lad, it wasn’t nearly as awesome as this. Temple of Void cast a real pall of darkness, from the Bernie Wrightson-style cover art to their dirty, doomy death metal. “The Embalmer’s Art” wastes no time in introducing the listener to their creepy sound, a blast of fetid coffin air somewhere between Paradise Lost and Hooded Menace. It comes from their full-length debut, Of Terror and the Supernatural. You probably missed it last year, but it’s soon to be reissued on all sorts of nifty formats through Shadow Kingdom. In the meantime, check out our (re-)premiere below.

***Of Terror and the Supernatural rises from the grave September 4 courtesy of Shadow Kingdom. Download it or purchase on CD, vinyl, or cassette.