Fuck the Facts “Prey” on Eardrums, Preach Noise Salvation

It’s been four years since previous full-length Die Miserable, but if you’re reading this, you refused to take the advice of prolific Canadian “bastardized” grinders Fuck the Facts. Living miserable is just as awesome, right? And we’re masochistic enough to gleefully welcome them back for Desire Will Rot, the first FTF album on their DIY imprint Noise Salvation, due August 25. The quintet has only played a handful of shows recently, while still churning out the usual deluge of 7-inches, splits and EPs (2013’s Amer actually comprises the b-sides of Desire Will Rot), and “Prey” is as savage as anything they’ve delivered in their 16-year career. 

“Basically, we like grindcore, early 90’s death metal, raw punk, and noisy/weird music,” says guitarist Topon Das. “Take all that stuff, mix it together and you have a Fuck the Facts album. I honestly would rather the music speak for itself than just say a bunch of random hype words that don’t mean anything.”

We totally agree, Topon. Press play on “Prey,” pre-order Desire Will Rot here and pre-order the digital version here.