Finishing Moves: Get Lost in Harmonic Cross’s Dark Ambience

Members of punk-grind squad Bleach Everything and “heavy indie” consortium Highness are evidently down to explore every extreme subgenre imaginable. Hence, Ryan Parrish, Graham Scala and Brent Eyestone have teamed up yet again as ethereal/drone/ambient outfit Harmonic Cross, and we have the full stream of their new album It Is Finished.

That title sound familiar? It should. Profound Lore BDM trio Auroch titled their 2014 album Taman Shud in reference to the true crime “Somerton Man” story, in which (thank you, press release) “an unidentified, well-dressed man is found dead along a seawall on Somerton beach in Adelaide, South Australia. A printed scrap of paper cut out from a book reading ‘tamam shud’ (meaning ‘finished’ in Persian) is found sewn into a hidden pocket of his pants.” So, yeah, Harmonic Cross appear to be mining the same thematic territory. Check out their Magic Bullet debut. Both green and black vinyl pressings are dropping today.