Bleak Pop a “Handicapper General” On Your Ass

You like Botch, Kiss It Goodbye and Engineer, right? Of course you do. We’ve never met, but you don’t seem like an asshole or anything. Now take your great taste to the next level by getting into Syracuse-based “volume worshippers” Bleak. The frenetic four-piece is gearing up to drop their super-hateful, math-tastic debut, We Deserve Our Failures, on Hex this August. “Handicapper General” (streaming below) is the harmonic-heavy skull-splitter more than representative of the harrowing excellence within. Pre-order the record here and catch these fuckers on tour starting, well, today!

7/7 San Diego, CA- Soda Bar


7/8 Fullerton, CA- Programme Skate and Sound

7/9 Anaheim, CA- World Famous Doll Hut

7/10 Los Angeles, CA- East 7th St.

7/11 Berkley, CA- 924 Gilman

7/12 Sacramento, CA- Starlite Lounge

7/13 Ashland, OR- Club 66

7/15 Portland, OR- High Water Mark

7/16 Seattle, WA- The Kraken

7/17 Boise, ID- Mad Son House

7/18 Salt Lake City, UT- 606

7/19 Denver, CO- Caroca Café-Bar Bar

7/21 Omaha, NE- The Lookout

7/22 Cedar Falls, IA- Black Hole

7/23 Chicago, IL- Quenchers

7/24 Cincinnati, OH- Tacocracy

7/25 Ithaca, NY- The Haunt (One Fest)