Immortal Bird Get “Neoplastic” With a Little Help From Weekend Nachos

Waldo the Parrot gives the Chicago blackened deathgrinders of Immortal Bird two beaks up in the forthcoming September issue’s Call & Response, but lucky for them, humans dig them, too! “Neoplastic” is the first rager off new five-track full-length Empress/Abscess (Broken Limbs/Manatee Rampage), which drops July 14. It features a guest spot from a prominent Windy City buddy: John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos. “‘Neoplastic’ was one of the first songs we wrote after the Akrasia EP was finished,” says vocalist/drummer Rae Amitay, “and it went through several different live incarnations before we arrived at the version we recorded. I never envisioned having a guest vocalist when we were writing the album, but John has such an aggressive, inimitable voice and killer presence that I just had to ask! I think it adds something very cool to the track and I’m stoked he was a part of it.”