Cathedral Unveil Early ’90s “All Your Sins” Live Video

Doom legends Cathedral called it a career in 2013, but we all get to enjoy a nice, nostalgic death spasm with the CD/DVD reissue of 1990 cassette demo In Memorium (now spelled In Memoriam) on June 29 via frontman Lee Dorrian’s own Rise Above. The package contains a rare Cathedral live performance in Groningen from 1991, and you can get a taste of it below in the form of morose Pentagram cover “All Your Sins.”

“Hazy days of doom, as remembered through an endless fog of marijuana smoke during our Dutch tour supporting Paradise Lost back in ’91,” remembers Dorrian. “It was an exciting time for doom metal, as an actual ‘scene’ was starting to develop, whereas before it had only really a vague term, acknowledged  by those in the know. Doom or be doomed.”

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