STREAMING: Blaze Of Perdition “Near Death Revelations”

In life, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Back in 2013, Blaze of Perdition were traveling through Austria and were involved in a major car accident that left members severely injured and bassist Wojciech “Ikaroz” Janus dead. Uncertain whether to carry on, Blaze of Perdition invoked the power of the Elder Gods—both benign and malign—and asked them one question: should Blaze of Perdition continue to sing the praises of “Luciferian Illumination”? The weak-minded would’ve come away from the confrontation confused and bereft. Not Blaze of Perdition. They respectfully mourned the loss of Janus and vowed, with ensorcelled swords and overflowing blood chalices held high, to return to the lands of the blackest metal, spiritually and physically rejuvenated.

Near Death Revelations is the group’s first full-length since the hellish The Hierophant in 2011. They’ve come back harder, faster, and deadlier. One listen to “Into the Void Again” and it’s clear Blaze of Perdition aren’t holding back. The Poles are marching forward, armed to the teeth with battle in mind. But “Into the Void Again” isn’t the only spell-binding track. Near Death Revelations has seven light-crushing tracks for which the true can use to summon the dark and all the terrible things that hide in it.

The time to join the hellcult is now! Near Death Revelations is relentingly thrust upon you! Indeed, fans of Valkyrja, Deathspell Omega, Merrimack take note!

** Blaze of Perdition’s new album, Near Death Revelations, is out June 26th on Agonia Records. For metalheads who prefer the physical realm of music, pre-orders are HERE. For metalheads who’ve transitioned their catalog to digital, pre-orders are HERE.