Walkin’ Death Metal Dudes Supuration Cover “Among the Living”

In one of our (surprisingly multiple!) covers featuring a convicted felon, we did some good, and honored Anthrax’s Among the Living as our sixth Hall of Fame ever. The title track is a no-brainer classic, and French death metallers Supuration take a totally satisfying crack at it in the following video. It’s one of three covers on their just-released new album Reveries…, including versions of Paradise Lost’s “Shattered” and Twisted Sister’s “The Beast.”

According to the band, “We did record the Anthrax cover ‘Among the Living’ for the needs of a French horror movie called Aux yeux des vivants (the video clip is exclusively realized with images taken from this movie.) Aux yeux des vivants is a movie realized by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo; both really want to refresh the French horror movie style. They’re quite good. We loved the Among the Living album when it came out, and recording those awesome riffs had been a real pleasure. As Scott Ian said to Metaluna Productions after he listened to our cover, “Very brutal! I like that! They did their own version!”