STREAMING: Fin’amor “Memories of Flesh”

Brooklyn-based doomsters Fin’Amor, which translates to ‘courtly love’, were formed in 2008 to bring down the world and make its citizens perpetually glum. That is to say: No Fun. No Smiles. No Happy. No Sunrises. Along with Fin’Amor’s doom bringing they’re also taking in goth, progressive music, and death metal. Essentially, fans of My Dying Bride, Draconian, and Swallow the Sun are in for a true (and rare) American treat.

“The album Forbidding Mourning explores themes of hope, despite a despairing existence, the paradoxical nature of love, and the desolation of apathy,” says the group in a press statement. “Moving forward, the collective expects to further evolve and introduce new elements into the polyphony during their continuous composition process.”

Decibel and Fin’Amor teamed up to bring the downtrodden and overly emotional new song “Memories of Flesh”. Says the group: “The song is about all of today’s special moments, becoming tomorrow’s memories.” Fin’Amor aren’t the most talkative of types, but why talk in normal terms when the music says so much more.

Bring in the clouds!

** Fin’amor’s new album, Forbidding Mourning, is out July 7th, 2015 and is being self-released. Support Fin’Amor by clicking HERE to pre-order the group’s magnum opus.