Punk Sumo: Ex-Corn On Macabre Frontman Billups Allen Inducts Us Into “The League”

Remember Corn On Macabre? The “late, great Rod Serling-worshipping, H.G. Wells-hyping horror-themed avant grind band” that busted out short, sharp jams with title like “Kentucky Friend Genetically-Altered Bird-Type Animal,” ” I Watched ‘Friday the 13th’ At My Grandmother’s House and She Wasn’t Into It (But She Let Me Watch Anyway),” and, most appropriately, “Shut Up and Play Something Evil”?

Well, if you don’t it is easy enough to climb aboard that careening sonic train

Now the band’s frontman Billups Allen has expanded his wry, off-kilter take on our collective existence from lyrical couplets into a wonderful new novel entitled The League — almost certainly the only tale to combine a deep dive into the amateur sumo wrestling underground and a Hawaii Five-0-esque murder mystery with a bookworm romance and a Black Sabbath motif. 

It’s good shit which you can purchase in both physical and digital form. Also look for a brand new story from Allen in the upcoming anthology The Healing Monsters.   

In the meantime though…