Decibrity Playlist: Monolord

Doom may not be “stimulating” in the same ways as say grindcore, but that doesn’t mean the former is any less adept at meeting the definition than the latter–they just succeed in different ways.  Take Monolord.  The trio’s tunes may never be classified as anything close to pharmaceutical grade amphetamines, but they’re nevertheless replete with riffs that rouse and rollick.  On the topic of stimulants, the Swedes decided to base their playlist around one of the milder–and most popular–ones:  coffee.  We’ll let them take it from here: “Coffee is a constant in the Monolord camp, it’s a part of almost everything we do together. That’s why a coffee soundtrack was an obvious choice when we were asked to compile a playlist. Get yourself a fresh pot, press play and enjoy this caffeinated list of inspiration.”

While your beverage brews, you can pick up a copy of Vænir–one of my favorite records so far this year–here.

Morbid Evils’ “Cruel” (from 2015’s In Hate With The Burning World)
A killer album from a heavy new band. An old bandmate of mine from 15 years ago making lead heavy doom. Enjoy with a lead heavy strong cup of coffee.–Mika Häkki (bass)

Dead Meadow’s “Sleepy Silver Door” (from 2000’s Dead Meadow)
For the pure love of fuzzy guitars and cool psychedelic stoner riffs! Perfect with a single shot of espresso.–M.H.

Spelljammer’s “Electric Ground” (from 2012’s Vol 2)
Been listening to the Spelljammer album Vol 2 a lot the past couple of years. Missed it on vinyl when it was out first. But now that we’re labelmates, I get a second chance on viny! Pure gold when it comes to riffs.–M.H.

Föllakzoid’s “99” (from 2013’s II)
One of those albums that I can listen to at any time of the day. Psychedelic space rock that works on many levels–[great] if you just wanna chill and kick back or when you’re driving fast on the highway. I can really lose myself in this album.–M.H.

Barn Owl’s “Pale Star” (from 2011’s Lost In The Glare)
Perfect for a long breakfast and a big cup of coffee. The whole album is brilliant, atmosphere-y psych that I listen to a lot.–M.H.

Death Breath’s “Heading For Decapitation” (from 2006’s Stinking Up The Night)
New Swedish old school death metal is perfect with every cup.–Thomas V Jäger (guitars, vocals)

Black Debbath’s “Dødstraff Uansett Forbrytelse” (from 2004’s Den Femte Statsmakt)
This Norwegian band is classified just as a humor band to many. But when you look into the lyrics, they are political and to the point. This one says what you think when you have had 15 strong cups of Norwegian coffee.–T.J.

Disfear’s “The Furnace” (from 2008’s Live The Storm)
Just open you mouth, lie down under the coffee machine and swallow.–T.J.

Arzachel’s “Clean Innocent Fun” (from 1969’s Arzachel)
If you are in the mood for some psychedelic stuff, and you accidentally dropped acid in your coffee, this song is for you.–T.J.

Kvelertak’s “Mjød” (from 2010’s Kverlertak)
When you are the (sober) designated driver for an evening and your head is one part brain tissue, one part caffeine mainly to be able to deal with all the drunkards and to stay awake, this is probably what your brain sounds like on the inside.–T.J.

YOB’s “Marrow” (from 2014’s Clearing The Path To Ascend)
To me, this track summarizes all that is doom, whatever that genre label means. It has the grandeur of a mountain range but at the same time the subtle dynamics that makes it stand out from just a standard blunt onslaught of a monotonous fuzz wall. On top of that, “Marrow” is one of those tracks that are perfect for both the first cup of the day and the last.–Esben Willems (drums)

Bombus’s “Enter The Night” (from 2013’s The Poet And The Parrot)
If you could translate a quadruple espresso into a song, this would be the result. I just wanna stand up in a Jesus Christ Supersatan pose every time I hear this, and that goes for almost every song released by Bombus.–E.W.

Brant Bjork’s “Automatic Fantastic” (from 1999’s Jalamanta)
I know it’s been repeated over and over again that this king of cool is the emperor of laid back, hammock grooves, but he is. This is always the perfect soundtrack for a tour bus coffee on an endless highway–it makes even the most rancid gas station coffee enjoyable, every time.–E.W.

Steve Von Till’s “To The Field” (from 2002’s If I Should Fall To The Field)
Another one that is both the perfect start and the perfect end to a good day. Or bad. Super slow, super strong coffee, that’s what this is.–E.W.

Dorthia Cottrell’s “Song For You’ (from 2015’s Dorthia Cottrell)
I’ve had so many espressos to this one I can almost feel the caffeine flowing through my veins just listening to it. A brilliant and beautiful closing track on an equally brilliant album.–E.W.

*Photo credit: Hank Oscarsson

**Pick up a copy of Vænir here