Our Confidence in Maruta Will Not “Erode”

(photo by Janette Valentine)

Miami four-piece Maruta are back together after a (thankfully) brief two-year time-out. They clearly did not reunite to start sucking. Third album Remain Dystopian (Relapsehas a fuck-ton of killer guests, including Jay Randall, Tomas Lindberg and the man who contributes to this particular rager, Pig Destroyer’s J.R. Hayes. Frontman Mitchell Luna says, “It was an absolute pleasure to have J.R. on board for this track! We purposely chose one of the fastest songs on the album for him to throw down on, and he took a more ‘raw and unrelenting’ approach with his vocal contribution. ‘Erode’ clocks in at a minute and goes straight for the throat, hitting speeds of 300 BPM with no fucks given.” Lose your shit to “Erode” below.