Track Premiere: Clouds Collide, “Perihelion”

Clouds Collide is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Chris Pandolfo of Allentown Pennsylvania, and has been steadily showing tremendous promise when it comes to the soaring, epic “metalgaze” pioneered by Alcest and made popular by Deafheaven. The great thing about Clouds Collide is that Pandolfo has used those influences in a constructive way rather then simply imitate, a great example being the 2013 debut full-length Until the Wind Stops Blowing…, a heartfelt tribute to his late mother that was equal parts agony, reflected in the searing black metal passages, and wistfulness, heard in movements that dared to approach the majesty of Ride.

Two years later Pandolfo is set to release the follow-up All Things Shining, and just like the title implies – and the gorgeous new logo, too – there’s a lot more of an optimistic, summery feeling to the new album as opposed to the chilliness of the debut. Pandolfo tells Decibel, “All Things Shining is the spring follow up to the wintery Until The Wind Stops Blowing… These songs were mere daydreams playing in my head, five to even seven years ago. They unintentionally tell a story musically and lyrically from then until now.”

Equally indicative of the album’s warmth is the 11-minute “Perihelion”, which derives its name from the term for the point in a planet’s orbit when it’s closest to the sun. The black metal still anchors the song, but the lightness is positively radiant, which makes for a wondrous contrast. It’s a tremendous composition, one we’re more than happy to premiere here.

All Things Shining will be released June 2, and will be available via Bandcamp.