Streaming: Four Tracks From New Coffins Omnibus

Coffins and Nunslaughter have a lot in common. Both play uncompromising metal with minimal mass appeal. And both seemingly release a split or collaboration with another band every two weeks.

Horror Pain Gore Death is working to bring order to the voluminous Coffins catalog with another collection of rarities, demos and collaborations: Perpetual Penance.

Coffins is a long-time dB favorite and we’re happy to bring you four tracks from the collection below. It’s out on June 9; get a physical or digital copy. A track list follows:

  • Hellbringer (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP
  • The Wretched Path (from split with Noothgrush)
  • Grotesque Messiah (from split with Disgrace)
  • Slaughter Of Gods ’09 (from split with Stormcrow)