STREAMING: Scorched “Caverns of Catharsis”

Delaware is known as the First State, the Diamond State, or the Blue Hen State. Not sure what any of those things mean–except for First State–in the grand context of things, but it should now be known as the Death Metal State. And upstart death metallers Scorched are leading the charge. They’re so new they don’t even have a page on Metal Archives yet, but don’t confuse the shiny coat with complacency. Scorched, well, scorch.

The quintet recently inked a deal with Unspeakable Axe Records and are poised to make the Atlantic States their respective bitch. Says Unspeakable Axe, “[They] make old school death metal with a somewhat thrashy edge that reminds me of old Unleashed among others.

Without further ado it’s time for Scorched to gallop into glory ride. Delaware-style.

** Scorched’s demo, Scorched, is out soon on Unspeakable Axe Records. Pre-orders aren’t available yet, but fans of punishing death metal should click HERE.