Danny Lilker’s Short Retirement: Stream Blurring

Last we checked wasn’t Brutal Truth/SOD/Nuclear Assault impresario and longtime Decibel friend Danny Lilker retiring? Well, that didn’t take too long. The guy just put out another grindcore record!

To be honest, we were aware that said “retirement” was more a scaling back to a lifestyle fit for a middle-age metal legend (i.e. — no long weeks in a van). Nonetheless, we’re happy that Lilker is still as creative and driven as he’s always been.

Blurring’s self titled LP, to be released by Handshake May 1, also features Erik Burke (Lethargy, Sulaco, Nuclear Assault) on drums. 

Listen to the new track “Terminus And The Wing” below. The album is out May 1 and available for preorder