Track Premiere: Deathwish, “Deathwish”

If you’re a regular Decibel reader, your ears probably perk up upon hearing the name “Deathwish”, thanks to a certain record label of the same name that consistently puts out quality extreme metal and hardcore. I’m going to have to ask you to just put aside those thoughts about Deafheaven and Code Orange for the time being and make a little room in your consciousness for another Deathwish.

This Deathwish hails from the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, and the foursome specialize in a similar d-beat-driven metal/hardcore crossover as Ohio blasphemers Midnight. In other words, loads and loads of Motörhead, Discharge, and Disfear influences, performed ferociously. Their debut album Out For Blood will be out as a special vinyl edition on Record Store Day April 18 on Milwaukee label Beer City Skateboards and Records (with a CD release to follow on May 12), and it’s a fine collection of nine rampaging tunes, one of which we’re more than happy to premiere here.

Listen to Deathwish’s “Deathwish” below, and you’ll find there’s more than enough room for another Deathwish in your life.