For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Is it me, or are the releases pretty slow? I mean, there’s stuff coming out, but nothing that gets my feathers ruffled, if you get my gist. Just seems like a lot of reissues coming out, but hey, that’s cool, too. So, you know, it’s like, whatever.

Teutonic death metal band MORGOTH release their first record in 19 year called Ungod on Century Media. I gotta say, I was a big fan of their first two records back in the’ 90s; aside from the washed-out cover work, I thought Morgoth were pretty cool. Then they put out the horrible Feel Sorry for the Fanatic. Anyway, onto the new record: This kinda has that Sunlight Studios sorta sound: it’s heavy and there are riffs, riffs and more riffs. Fans of the first two records need not worry too much, as this basically bridges the gap, and there is no tom-dickery a la the aforementioned Fanatic. This is death metal, no doubt, with some melodic passages, and feels and sounds like Morgoth. But the one missing element is former vocalist Marc Grewe. The current vocalist is perfectly passable, but Marc’s screams were downright blood-chilling at times. But Mein Gott, the riffs. I’m liking it. 7 Fucking Pecks.

What is it about Finland, man? I think there’s some decent bands that come out of there, but however good they are, it just seems they miss the mark a tiny bit–like just aren’t intense enough for me. SATANIC WARMASTER is a little more intense. Fimbulwinter comes out on Hells Headbangers, and it’s black metal, to say the least. Your old boy Waldo doesn’t love black metal, but this isn’t bad–reminds me a little of the first wave of the second wave of black metal. I think this was released previously on Werewolf Records, so all of you black metal dorks can chill on correcting me. Anyway this is trem-picked, screechy-vocal black metal, and the production is crisp and clear without taking a ton of bite out of it. I think they have songs about werewolves and vampires and shit. Take out the acoustic guitar and the Legend of Zelda keyboards (when they appear), and I’d like this a little more. Good throwback, though, and for a black metal record, I kind of like it. 5 Fucking Pecks.

Also, some notable re-releases, the mighty GORGUTS re-release From Wisdom to Hate and Obscura, you should check that shiz out. INCANTATION seem to be having a resurgence, and are re-releasing Entrapment of Evil, so, you know, get into it.