STREAMING: Enforcer “From Beyond”

One look at the cover art for Enforcer’s new album, From Beyond, and it’s pretty clear the Swedes wish they were living in 1983. From the sci-fi D&D skull creature to the Tempest-ized Enforcer logo, it all screams early ’80s. Get under the presentation and, well, it’s still ’80s. “From Beyond” jets like a V-8 Mustang GT with the windows down and the sun shining. The riffs of Joseph Tholl are the fire, while drummer Jonas Wikstrand and bassist Tobias Lindqvist are the pound. Vocalist Olof Wikstrand has a classic quality, somewhere between John Cyriss and old Kai Hansen.
“The intention of the song writing of From Beyond was to continue the path we started with Death By Fire,” says Olof Wikstrand. “To exaggerate our own sound and to write direct and uncompromising metal songs. In opposite to most of the other new bands, we don’t decide to play a certain type of music and therefore limit ourselves in the song writing. We do whatever we want and feel totally free in composing songs. In the beginning of our career the lyrics were more concentrated on teenage fantasies about living wild and screwing girls and similar things. But the older you get and the more you experience of all these fantasies you had as a kid, the more you realize how earthly it is.”

Alright, break out the Rubik’s Cube, the Hutch BMX, or your dad’s garage-bound IROC-Z. Whatever it is that brings you back to the ’80s, let’s do it with Enforcer on “From Beyond”.

** Enforcer’s new album, From Beyond, is out April 7th, 2015 on Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-orders are now live (click HERE). Choose from black or clear vinyl or CD. Heavy metal is law!