VIDEO PREMIERE: Father Sky “Silver Spoon”

There’s something to be said for a band to willfully pose in front of an old boogie vans and not be the least ashamed. For Texas’ Father Sky, such objects are the focus of their non-musical affection. They scream back to a time when the sun felt warmer, the riffs fuzzier, the hems wider, and the sex freer. As for Father Sky’s music, well, think of Black Sabbath, Steamhammer, and ZZ Top in a blender on the “cool as fuck” setting. That’s right. A little heavy, a little bluesy, a little flat-out rock ‘n’ roll.
Enjoy the premiere of Father Sky’s Paul Ruttledge-animated video for “Silver Spoon”.

** Father Sky’s new album, Tower Heist, is available March 23rd on CD and LP in a few variations. Pre-orders are HERE if heavy, heady ’70s-inspired rock is your bag.