Streaming: Abyss’ “The Atonement” Maybe You’ve Read About ‘Em…

As some of you may know, I’ve been sailing on the good ship Decibel since it was christened. I’ve seen (and heard!) a lot of shit and even remember some of it! And yes, I’m the head knucklehead who wrote the oft-referenced-and-made-fun-of Dragonforce cover story. So, you’d think that having bounced 10+ years of deadlines and scheduling inside my brain at the behest of Kingpin Mudrian, that’d I’d have some inkling of what’s actually in the magazine and when. Nope. Being that I live in an area of Canada which apparently still has a combination of the Pony Express and dinosaurs doing mail delivery – to be fair,I do live on what the locals refer to as a “mountain,” though technically speaking, it’s actually the far end of an escarpment – and I write what I write far enough in advance of when it goes to print to be confusing, I’d be leading you down the wrong path if I were to tell you the Upfront feature I penned about Toronto’s latest, greatest death metal heroes, Abyss, is in the next issue. Maybe it’s in the latest issue? Maybe the one after the one before that? Fuck me if I know. Either way, you should go get your hands on whatever issue said Abyss piece is in. Not only because the band is the one of the brightest new lights on the Clandestine-as-filtered-through-25-years-of-progression-and-regression death metal, but also because frontman Dave Kristiansen knows how to lay down a killer quote or three.
In the meantime, we present a preview stream below of a track called “The Atonement” from their forthcoming debut full-length, Heretical Anatomy. The album is set to be issued by 20 Buck Spin and, like the track, it rules. We recommend you listen to it, revel in its flesh and not only should you make a concerted effort to purchase its rough musical justice when it’s released, but also buy more than one copy of whatever issue Abyss is featured. Actually, buy multiple copies of every Decibel you see any and everywhere. C’mon people, Albert has two kids to put through college now. Help a brotha out!

20 Buck Spin
Abyss: webpage and Bandcamp

*Photo: Carmelo Espanola