Ranger Displays a “Storm of Power” in New Video

A year and a half after making a very strong first impression with the Knights of Darkness EP, Finnish speed metalers Ranger are set to return in 2015, this time with full-length debut Where Evil Dwells under their collective bullet belts. Unlike other bands that profess to creating old-school heavy metal with a more modern mindset, Ranger are complete throwbacks to a time when Exciter was the fastest metal band on the planet, and could care less about current trends. Stubbornly recording on analog, they’ve completely bought into the underground metal aesthetic of the early 1980s, and their energy is contagious. A couple weeks after debuting a lyric video for the track “Defcon 1”, the band has quietly released a great little video for the album’s closing track “Storm of Power” that consists of just them miming on a stage using plenty of goofy facial expressions. It’s all great fun, something that’s bound brighten your dreary February morning.

Where Evil Dwells will be released March 17 on Spinefarm.