SPOILING OUR READERS: Iron Reagan’s “Spoiled Identity” EP

Last June, we gave out a free Iron Reagan flexi disc to our subscribers, because we’re awesome like that. Still, that was free, and booze and drumsticks aren’t, so A389 have figured out a reason to charge you for it! It’s totally worth your hard-earned cash, though. Not only do you get two bonus tracks and support an awesome crossover thrash band, but it comes in the form of a limited 12″ that you can show off to your friends and make them jealous. You could even frame it and put it on your wall! I mean, you could do that with the flexi, but then all your friends wouldn’t get to see blood spurting out of the dude’s neck every time they come over. I’m just kidding. You don’t have any friends. Listen to the full thing below and then order the damn vinyl so Tony Foresta can buy more beer.

***Keep an eye out at the A389 shop for preorder info. BUY! Zombie Reagan commands it!