Get Free Pallbearer Vinyl by Subscribing to Decibel

They’re too young for Hall of Fame consideration, but that’s probably the only honor Decibel hasn’t already bestowed upon Pallbearer. Both of their full-lengths have appeared in the top five of our year-end Top 40 list (Foundations of Burden being our favorite extreme album of 2014); they’ve graced the cover; they scored two slots in our Top 100 Doom Metal Albums of All Time issue; and they’re about to embark on the 2015 Decibel Tour. Seems like a good time for the Little Rock doom heroes to make their Flexi Series debut.
“Fear and Fury” is the first taste of new Pallbearer music since the acclaimedFoundations of Burden. Uncustomarily, it’s one of their shortest songs yet, clocking in at just under six minutes. The band recorded it specifically for the Flexi Series in late 2014, and it arrives on silver-on-blue plastic. Subscribe by 9 a.m. EST on Monday, February 2 to ensure receipt of this flexi, which will appear in the forthcoming Decibel Tour issue. Now you’ll have something new to scream requests for at your local dB Tour stop.