Limited number of TIAMAT “Wildhoney” 20th anniversary vinyl available now!

Right now you’re either praising the demigods that 2015’s first Snowpocalypse has confined you to your nice, warm couch, or cursing them for not dumping enough white stuff to keep you out of work. Either way, we’re sure nobody on your social media destination of choice has shut up about it, so Decibel has your kind of distraction: a blink-and-you’ll-miss it offer for a very special rarity: the limited edition 20th anniversary vinyl of Tiamat’s Wildhoney.
Atmospheric, operatic and audaciously original, this Swedish death metal institution’s fourth album became a musical and visual touchstone for countless followers. We inducted Wildhoney into the Decibel Hall of Fame in the February 2015 issue, and are proud to announce a limited run of its 20th anniversary vinyl edition. You’ll get:

deluxe LP with heavy stock gatefold sleeve

180-gram full color vinyl label

12-page LP-size booklet with lyrics and artwork


double-sized inlay with a reprint of Chris Dick’s exclusive HOF interview with the band

Step up while there’s time and purchase one of 20 copies of the white vinyl version (limited to 200 overall) or 20 copies of the black vinyl version (limited to 800 overall).