Streaming: Imperial Triumphant’s “Dead Heaven”

The East Coast is about to get hit with a snowstorm of apocalyptic proportions in the next 24 hours or so. Could there be better timing to debut “Dead Heaven,” the first track off Abyssal Gods, the second album from the urban black metal band Imperial Triumphant?
Here’s what we’re hearing: “Abyssal Gods focuses on the darkness of human existence and the weight of life in New York City. Although we are proud to be born in such a renowned place, Abyssal Gods addresses New York City as a cancer of the world and the absolute fist of the universe.”

Alright then. Darkness looms in other venues than the check out stand at your local corner grocery, where the race for the last quart of milk is on. Abyssal Gods was recorded at Solitude Studios and Amy Mills Studios, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston, and will be released by code 666/Aural Music. Follow the band to keep on top of details.

If we’re able to discern who is in the promo picture we’ll let you know. The candles did not compensate for a “none so black” flash setting.