Melnick, Not Capote: Exclusive In Cold Blood Premiere!

They’rrrreeee back…
This afternoon we’ve got the exclusive stream of the first new songs from In Cold Blood…and the Cleveland metallic hardcore guerrilla outfit — founded and still led by ex-Integrity legends Aaron and Leon Melnick alongside former and current members of Ringworm, Homewrecker and Meposkapheles(!) — are seriously not fucking around on these two salvos of unadulterated aggression and top-shelf progressive hardcore. It is, no joke, some of the best, most intense stuff the band or the Melnicks have ever committed to tape.

The Blind The Eyes/Straight Flush seven-inch will be limited to 666 copies and available in three color variations housed in an incredible looking three-panel fold-out collage designed by Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man). For preorder information visit the A389 Recordings official website and/or Bandcamp page.

Also, as a bonus, here is the video Hate5six captured of In Cold Blood’s recent performance at the A389 XI Anniversary Bash in Baltimore.