Welcome to the Manger: Exclusive Video Premiere!

We’re not going to waste a lot of time on the intro here — better you just get on down there, press play, and check this musical/visual nuttiness from Dead in the Manger and David Hall out for yourself. More information on the band’s upcoming LP Cessation can be found here.

“This is probably the first time I’ve made a video for a band without talking to any of the members,” Hall tells Decibel of the video’s origins. “I sort of just got an email one day from the label that asked if I’d be interested in making a video for a black/grind metal band. I listened to the track and really dug what I heard so I agreed. The only real info and guidance I was given was the name of the song, “II,” the album title, and the album’s artwork. From listening to the track and taking the cover artwork as inspiration, I decided to try and create a depressing and degraded, impressionistic, moving version of the cover, and use some found footage, stuff that I shot, and mix it together to make a scratchy, black-toned void that hopefully assaults the eyes as nicely as the music assaults the ears. After a few botched attempts I arrived at the version you see now.”