Track Premiere: Alpha Tiger, “Scripted Reality”

Every once in a while a young metal band will come along with a sound, a look, and an attitude that will just make any fan over the age of 35 beam. Despite boasting a band name that makes you think they’re a Steel Panther knock-off, German quintet Alpha Tiger has steadily become a very good old-school metal act, and their third album iDentity, which comes out next Tuesday the 19th on Steamhammer, is awfully impressive.
Not only does the band draw a very strong influence from 1983-’84 Queensrÿche and early Fates Warning – singer Stephan Dietrich is more Tate than Arch, minus the assholery – but the songwriting is strong enough to give you the impression that they’re using those inspirations to create their own musical personality. The end result is a lively record that provides an even balance of fist-pumping ragers and more progressive-minded epics. “Scripted Reality” is a track that leans more toward the latter side, and we’re more than happy to be premiering the track here at Decibel.

Trust me, if you dig this – and how can you not? – the rest of the album will prove to be just as satisfying. Pre-order iDentity here, and listen to “Scripted Reality” below.