When the Pain Goes Marching In: Theologian Premiere!

This is one day you most assuredly do not want to be canonized: We’ve got an exclusive premiere courtesy the Decibel noise special issue-approved sonic nightmare factory that is Theologian, and good goddamn does this track from the band’s upcoming two disc set Pain of the Saints — out January 7 on Malignant Records — deliver a powerful emotional/physical blow.
“Dread and tension usually play a major role in my work,” Theologian mastermind Lee Bartow tells Decibel.”‘You Are the End of the World’ was created from a live improv session with Fade Kainer and Matt Slagle, and there was no specific plan. We just got together at Fade’s old rehearsal space — Matt on synth, Fade on drums, and myself on vocals. We’ve been working together in various capacities on and off for over a decade so it’s very easy for us to fall upon a similar sonic plateau.”

Go ahead and gird those loins for a taste of what very well may be the dissonant post-rock event of 2015…