STREAMING: Outer Heaven’s “Vile Rebirth”

Publicist guy says: “We think you’ll like this — it sounds like Coffins.” So, we decide to check it out because we love Coffins. And yes, we can hear that a bit but we hear even more similarities to Mitochondrian and Decibel favorites Incantation. These are promising comparisons for extreme metal.
Despite throwing out a few names to bait the hook we’ll also say that Outer Heaven doesn’t really sound like these bands as much as they exude a similar claustrophobic vibe. It’s new school death metal with an old school feel without the shelf dust.

Here’s the new track “Vile Rebirth” off their EP Diabolus Vobiscum, due February 10 from Melotov Records. After you stream the track learn more about the band here.