STREAMING: Thulcandra “Exalted Resistance”

Steffen Kummerer is better known for his stupidly good guitar and vocal work in the obscenely great tech death outfit Obscura. But Kummerer has a dark side. One that harkens back to the mid-’90s, when Swedish death metal tyrants Dissection reigned the cold winds of nowhere and drank, with pure joy, night’s blood with Elizabeth Bathory.
For the better part of two albums, both adorned in Necrolord Blue, Kummerer and Thulcandra created the best Swedish black/death since Dissection went on hiatus. While there’s a certain level of homage to Thulcandra’s music and visual aesthetic, there’s no denying the magic in albums Fallen Angel’s Dominion and Under a Frozen Sun. Thulcandra are able to get the right vibe, the right sound, and make it (somewhat) their own.

Well, new album, Ascension Lost, continues the Munich-based outfits descent into hells of hell. In short, it’s another fantastic entry, still in Necrolord Blue, by a band that shows no signs of lessening their homage to Dissection and a sound, a Swedish sound, that’s all but lost today.

With great anticipation, we bring you: “Exalted Resistance”

** Thulcandra’s new album, Ascension Lost, is out February 10th on Napalm Records. It’s available HERE as a limited edition digipak. This is a pre-order.