This “Atlas” Doesn’t Shrug: Hear Alekhine’s Gun Slay Kings!

They say to know the heart of a man first you must walk a mile in his shoesWhat I am learning from your footsteps…One day in my life would destroy you
I remain firm where you falter
I swim in the tears of your daughter

So roars Alekhine’s Gun’s singular force of nature frontwoman Jessica Pimentel on “Atlas,” one of six genre mashing extreme music salvos on …And Kings Will Fall the Brooklyn levelers’ next-level follow-up to the already excellent Meditations in Wrath.

Clearly fucking around isn’t in the AG DNA, and, thus, out of respect for the band we’ll get right to the jam…

…And Kings Will Fall is available via Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp. Join the band in those Facebook and Twitter fishbowls. The brilliant Jeanne Fury dug into the juncture of metal and Pimentel’s role on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black here.

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