For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Year

Ok, ok, ok, it’s getting to be the end of the year, so the releases REALLY slow down here. I’m going to just go ahead and get my end of the year list out of the way now, in case you want to get your Xmas shopping on.  If you have a curiosity or have been putting off buying any of these releases, go ahead and get ’em now.
EYEHATEGODEyehategodThe last with now-deceased drummer Joey LaCaze (R.I.P). A great return to form. All hail EYEHATEGOD.

MISERY INDEX- The Killing Gods– This is a nasty little platter of anger and aggression. This thing rips. Misery Index tearing it up, again.

GRIDLINKLonghena– Not sure what the title means, but what a way to go out. Their swansong is their best effort yet.

LORD MANTISDeath Mask– I’m not sure how this slipped under the radar with me, but once I heard it, it easily made this list. Death with a little bit of blackened thrown in, but yes, this is awesome.

NOTHINGGuilty of Everything– Bleak and nihilistic shoegaze; definitely not for everyone, but this rules. Moody Britpop that’s heavy, too.

MERZBOW/FULL OF HELLSplit– Powerviolence, grindcore, blackened death and harsh noise all honed to perfection here.

AUTOPSY– Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves– Dust the crust. Autopsy’s latest effort falls right in along with any of their past releases. Sludgy mean death metal the way it’s meant to be played.

THE CUTTHROATS 9– Dissent– This EP is punk noise mayhem. Lays down a rocking groove and goes for the jugular.

HORRENDOUSEcdysis– Swedish old-school death mixed with Floridian death metal roots. Nasty, yet there are hooks.

GODFLESHA World Lit Only by Fire– Godflesh the way you’ve never heard them… OK, Godflesh the way you heard them and WANT to hear them. Industrial death noise.

INTERNAL BLEEDINGImperium– Slams, slams and more slams.  Hate all you want, but this thing grows on you. Slam-a-riffic riffs with some melody thrown in, but my beak the breakdowns!

IRON REAGAN– The Tyranny of Will– Get your circle pit on. A crossover punk/metal amalgam that’s super fun and super catchy, and will have you swilling warm PBR in no time.

NAUSEA Condemned to the System– Crusty, raw, angsty, visceral, from the gut: those are just a few ways to describe this ferocious piece of grind punk fuckery.

CRETIN– Stranger– This just came out, but jeez this thing is good. A grinding, blistering assault that is not without its subtleties. This is awesome.


Well that’s it for now yo.