VIDEO PREMIERE: Pord’s “I’m Swimming Home”

One album that has snuck in under everyone’s radar this fall has been Wild, the second album by French noise trio Pord. A rambunctious hybrid of modern noise, vintage AmRep skronk, and good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, it’s a clever, incessantly catchy record that’s sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys Decibel faves Wizard Rifle.
Fortunately, for those who might have missed out on Wild‘s release back in September, they’ve teamed up with filmmakers Vincent Lacan and Aurélien Foisse on the brand new video for “I’m Swimming Home”, which strangely enough, features clips from the 1968 film The Swimmer. So if you’re into a killer combination of “Let There Be Rock” energy and classic noise atonality or just have a craving for a shirtless Burt Lancaster, then you’re in luck. Or if you’ve got a hankering for both noise rock and a shirtless Burt Lancaster, well, you’re really in luck. Either way, it’s a fun clip from a very enjoyable album. Watch the video below, and be sure to check out Pord’s new album Wild at Solar Flare’s Bandcamp page.