STREAMING: Dellacoma “My Kinda Woman”

There are plenty of times when the Decibel staff will put down our Bolt Thrower, Watain, Paradise Lost, and Napalm Death LPs in favor of something more, well, rocking. If our EIC had his druthers—and he does—The Darkness might edge its way into the Hall of Fame one day. So, it stands to reason, Aussie-‘Merican rockers Dellacoma have kangaroo-kicked their way onto the Deciblog with new track, “My Kinda Woman”.
Dellacoma features in their ranks Rick Reynolds on bass, Art Struck on guitar, Matt Cook on drums, Dellacoma Rio on vocals. The group recently trekked through the US on their debut tour, which saw the quartet hit 80 venues in just about as many days. While itinerant and woman-buckling, Dellacoma also managed to record their self-titled debut. Produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Jet, The Darkness, Scorpion Child), the band’s first full-length is a rock dream, recorded as analog as humanly possible to get that ’70s feel without being subservient the big-time productions of the era.

It’s time to open the closet, take out those skeletons, and shake a few legs to Dellacoma’s “My Kinda Woman”.

** Dellacoma’s debut album is available for pre-order now (HERE). It’s self-released, too. If that matters, knowing where your green goes directly to Dellacoma.