For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Well, the end of the year doldrums have started upon us. There are some re-releases (HIM, Voivod, Sinister, Samael), but for the most part, the releases are going to slow down quite a bit. SOOO, I’m just going to like pick some stuff at random, and you know, because I’m feeling punchy, I MAY OR MAY NOT listen to these things, so like, if you feel like commenting, PLEASE do; your old boy Waldo doesn’t know EVERYTHING about metal, you know.
BUFFALO KILLERS release Fireball of Sulk, and although I thought I WOULDN’T listen to it, I heard a couple of tracks, just so I can wedge these images in.  This makes me think of Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley, and of course the title makes me reference THIS fireball.


Anyway, onto the sound: this is grungy sorta heavy rock, a la Kyuss and Monster Magnet, without sounding like either, really. There’s a psych influence and a definite hippie kinda “shoeless in the mountains” type of vibe. I dunno, not my thing. 2 Fucking Pecks.

Do you worship the one who hungers? Uh, FAMISHGOD release Devourers of Light. No WONDER the god is hungry; he’s eating light. Do you worship old-school death metal? Then this is for you. My one complaint is that the kick drum sounds like they are completely loose, not like floopy, but barely on. This is heavy heavy heavy, no doubt. No artistry here, really, just old-school death metal that sounds rough.  The vocals are as low as they can be, and the guitars plod along with sauropodian lumberance (TAKE THAT, EDITOR!) Could do without the extended piano intro, though. Cool, but not amazing. Would be willing to hear more, though. 4 Fucking Pecks.

ICE DRAGON release Dream Dragon. I’m really not sure what to make of this. This has that Led Zeppelin “Battle of Nevermore” vibe, where it’s like folky, trippy, and a little hard-rockin’. That’s Ice Dragon.  I really don’t like this; it’s not bad if this is your thing, but it’s definitely not mine. The vocals are a little reminiscent of Acid King, and they definitely have a song called “Dream Dragon,” which isn’t as cool as it sounds.  I mean, I just reviewed it because it’s called Ice Dragon, and the cover kinda looks like the “luck dragon” from The Neverending Story. There are definitely flutes in this, so like I dunno, 2 Fucking Pecks.


Duck and cover, Mother Peckers, there’s an AIR RAID going on, and they are releasing Point of Impact. This has that “wave of heavy metal sound,” and is FIRMLY in the heavy metal category.  This is retro as can be, and I’m not sure there’s really a reason for something like this to exist in 2014. Not too bad, though.  3 Fucking Pecks.

I just reviewed this stuff because it seemed fun, so like go ahead and hate.  <3 Waldo.