Synthtracks: Contact Playlist, Part 2: AE Paterra/Majeure

Because synthesizers are awesome, and movie soundtracks are awesome, we asked the duo of British film composer Paul Lawler and American drummer AE Paterra (Zombi/Majeure), collectively known as Contact, to put together a playlist for us with their favorite soundtrack tunes and some words on each. This week, we have Paterra’s picks; click here to check out Lawler’s. Not exactly metal, sure, but it’s not like metal folks don’t love this stuff. Check out the song “Distant Voices” off of their debut LP, First Contact, below, and then brace yourself for some 80s awesomeness.

Rise to Superstardom – unknown/ library 

I fell in love with hockey in my early teens, all credit due to Mario Lemieux. The guy was unbelievable. This is one of my favorite features on his career. The 2 minute opening sequence always stuck with me: really beautiful voice pads – a pretty atypical sports video soundtrack. The whole thing has some real gems – fast forward to 10:53 for some sweet Hornsby rip-off action. Great flyover shots of my hometown, Pittsburgh.


Blade Runner by Vangelis 

This is no surprise. Again, I first saw Blade Runner in my early teens, and to this day I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect marriage of sound and film. Vangelis is always an inspiration. Anything I could say about this has already been said.


Thief by Tangerine Dream 

Another great film opening, this time by Tangerine Dream for the film Thief. Masterfully intensifies an already tense scene.


No Way Out by Maurice Jarre 

Maurice Jarre’s score to the 1989 film No Way Out isn’t totally outstanding, but I was always more excited for the first few minutes of this one over the last 2 hours of it.  Except when Sean Young was on screen.


Stalker by Adward Artemiev

Edward Artemiev’s score to Tarkovsky’s 1979 film Stalker is wonderfully haunting – the overall sound of the entire film is mesmerizing and superbly executed.

***First Contact is out now courtesy of Temporary Residence Limited. You can order it here. Follow the band on Facebook here, and keep track of what Paterra is up to here.