Video Premiere: Mysticum Track-By-Track

Ah, Mysticum, how you’ve been missed. There was so much talk for so long about the comeback album Planet Satan that we were convinced the record was either a myth or an elaborate troll.
But no: Planet Satan was released this fall after decades of speculation, marking the return of a band audacious enough in the 90s to mix black metal with industrial music. This is as common as Starbucks in today’s musical landscape but before the Internet took over it was audacious to say the least, offering a much different approach and sound than what we’d come to expect from Norwegian black metal.

Well into the new century, Mysticum continues to do things to confound and confuse listeners. Example A: the video below, which we’re premiering today thanks to the band and our friends at the venerable label Peaceville.

The common approach these days is to release a lyric video or have a friend with cinematic aspirations cobble together a low budget film. Mysticum instead decides to take us on a 20-plus minute video stroll through their new record. You can watch the short film below and get in touch with the band here.

Photo credit: Peder Klingwall