STREAMING: ZOM’s “Conquest”

No, this is not that dude who was in Marilyn Manson for about the length of a football season (that’s Zim Zum). This is ZOM and they come from Ireland bearing blackened death metal. Actually, they list their hometown as ANTI MATTER UNIVERSE on Facebook which sort of has the same ring as “From Parts Unknown.”
In any event, they shred. Thanks to our friends at Dark Descent you can stream the track “Conquest” from the debut Flesh Assimilation below. The record will be released November 24 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Artwork is courtesy of Zbyszek Bielak. A full track listing follows.

Commence flesh assimilating.

1. Tombs of the Void
2. Hordes from the Cursed Realms
3. Gates to Beyond
4. Conquest
5. Illbeings Unspeak
6. Dead Worlds
7. The Depths
8. Flesh Assimilation