BREWTAL TRUTH: TRVE Brewing on The Beer Diaries

Ever since TRVE Brewing opened in Denver in 2012, we’ve been fans. It’s hard not to like a drinking establishment dedicated to both craft beer and metal worship and TRVE has been all about both since day one. We’ve featured TRVE and owner Nick Nunns in our “Brewtal Truth” column in the past and we even collaborated with TRVE on the ultra-rare Decibrew Weizenbock.
true decibrew

So, we are proud to present the premiere of a brand new webisode of The Beer Diaries that profiles the most metal-centric brewery in the U.S. This 30-minute piece features a look around the TRVE bar and brewery and includes an extensive interview with Nunns and a tasting of a selection of his beers. Among other things, Nunns talks about the metal references in each of the beer names. Plus, Denver locals, Speedwolf, provide the opening and closing music on the episode. So, grab a cold one and enjoy the first look at TRVE Brewing on The Beer Diaries.

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