Decibrity Playlist: Bastard Feast

We have a lot of love for Bastard Feast around these parts. Adrien Begrand lauded the band’s latest album, Osculum Infame, in his Sucker for Punishment column, Dan Lake interviewed the quintet earlier this summer and the Oregonians snagged a local spot opening for Carcass and company on this year’s Decibel tour. Now with the group set to hit the road for a month starting tomorrow, guitarist Taylor Robinson passed along a list of tracks that he and his bandmates spin in the van. Hopefully they won’t be sick of listening to any of them by the time they reach Oakland. After you’re perused their selections, pick up a copy of their sophomore LP here.

Beastmilk’s “Red Majesty” (from 2012’s Use Your Deluge EP)
First song is Beastmilk, being that as soon as all five of us found out about this band, we were absolutely hooked. It sounds like a mix of Killing Joke and the Misfits with hints of death rock. Everything I’ve heard so far has been solid.

Electric Wizard’s “Witchcult Today” (from 2007’s Witchcult Today)
From our first tour when we were formerly known as Elitist ’til a week ago, I have heard this song blasting in our van. Almost as soon as we light up a cigarette or joint, we start listening to the Wiz. I believe this band and album will always be a favorite of ours.

YOB’s “Burning The Altar” (from 2009’s The Great Cessation)
Hometown heroes, nicest guys around. Same thing as Electric Wizard, we have listened to YOB for so many years that it seems like a band that we have constantly put on to keep heavy rhythms flowing through the van. We try not to drown ourselves too much in heavy stuff, since when we leave for tour it’s what we see live every night, but this band has a special place for all of us.

Plague Widow’s “Malignant” (from 2013’s This Black Earth split)
We toured with these guys in July. Our longtime friend had recently joined this band and when we finally got around to checking them out, [we were] blown away. We love the heavy Portal-esque death metal that is surging. Keep it dark and heavy. This will definitely be getting jammed while we travel and throw ourselves around the country.

Ascension’s “Open Hearts” and “Grey Light Sibling” (from 2010’s Consolamentum)
Ascension…enough said.

Vallenfyre’s “Splinters” (from 2014’s Splinters)
Just got into this band not too long ago and have realized there are new levels of pushing the heavy boundaries. Glad other bands are catching on to this instead of rehashing the same old. Fast and crushing or slow and crushing, these guys are doing it right. Excited to see them on the next Decibel tour.

Rome’s “Das Feuerordal” (from 2008’s Masse Mensch Material)
Rome is incredible. [This is] one of my favorite songs right now. Can’t…stop…listening…to it. In the weird fantasy-like world I live in, I think that our bands would be able to play a show together. Pfft.

Lowlife’s “Permanent Sleep” (from 1986’s Permanent Sleep)
Fuel for the fire to bum everyone the fuck out. We all love sad depressing shit to some degree. Some of us more then others, but fuck it, it’s fall.

Depeche Mode’s “Policy Of Truth” (from 1990’s Violator)
One day we will do a Depeche Mode cover and it will probably melt our faces to accomplish it. Been listening to this band since we were young lads. Will be listening to this band on our deathbeds.

Pantera’s “I’m Broken” (from 1994’s Far Beyond Driven)
Our last one to leave this with. Phil Anselmo rules everything around me. If you hate Pantera, fuck you.

*Order a copy of Bastard Feast’s Osculum Infame here

**Bastard Feast tour dates:

10/31 Sacramento, CA @ Starlite Lounge w/EYEHATEGOD, Power Trip, IRON REAGAN
11/2 Phoenix, AZ @ 51 West Venue
11/3 Albuquerque, NM @ Sister
11/5 Austin, TX @ Red 7
11/6 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
11/8 Tallahassee, FL @ Pete
11/10 Miami, FL @ House Show
11/11 Jacksonville, FL @ The Shantytown Pub
11/12 Savannah @ The Jinx
11/20 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
11/21 Pittsburgh, PA @ Camp Clark
11/23 Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn
11/24 Chicago, IL @Grandbar
11/26 Denver, CO @ Barbar
11/28 Laramie, WY @ House show
11/29 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed
11/30 Las Vegas, NV @ The Adrenaline Bar
12/1 Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
12/2 Oakland, CA @ The Metro

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