New Encoffination Song Stream!

Cemetery picnickers Encoffination rise again next month with their third full-length album, called III – Hear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs).  Says vocalist/string-scather Ghoat of the forthcoming set of grueling, buzzing doom:  “The concept of this record is the glorification of death: an offering to the embodiment of death’s creation, and to sing the wretched hymns of death’s omnipresence, to kneel to death’s crown as we all shall fall under death’s eventual grasp. There will be more of the texture presented on the last record: organs, samples, choirs, and more, all with the same acrid funereal doom we have become known for. If the last record were a tool to teach about death, this record is that creation.”
The album will see release on October 21st on the fantastic Selfmadegod Records. And now, for your listening misery, the first true track of the album, “Charnel Bowels of a Putrescent Earth,” as well as some commentary on that song by the band.  Dooooooooooom!

Since the album was recorded over such a long period of time (about a year), when within that span was “Charnel Bowels” recorded?

“Charnel Bowels…” was the first song recorded. The entire album is presented chronologically. In the past I have sequenced the albums differently, but with III… everything just fell into place as we went.

How did it get its position as first post-intro song on the album?

Other than the above… the first song of each album has started the same, so I kept the theme: a slow, crushing riff accompanied by the funeral bells. With this track I feel like we have a trilogy, starting with ‘Nefarious, Yet Elegant Are The Bowels Of Hell’ from Ritual and ‘Rites of Ceremonial Embalm’ment’ from O’Hell.  I want each album to grab you by the throat and sit on your chest from the first note… to suffocate and not let up. We had to keep the theme going…

Pre-order from Earsplit Distro here, or pre-order from Selfmadegod here.