STREAMING: White Empress — “A Prisoner Unleashed”

Peaceville: the venerable label is home to some of Decibel‘s all time favorites: Darkthrone, Autopsy and My Dying Bride. Lest you think the label is resting on their laurels they continue to push bands out into the extreme universe. Today we’re streaming some Peaceville-approved symphonic metal: “A Prisoner Unleashed” from the forthcoming White Empress album Rise Of The Empress.
“For the track ‘A Prisoner Unleashed’ I had an idea to start a track with vocals only and to come into the track with a heavy groove and punch,” said guitarist and founder Paul Allender, best known for his time in HOF inductees Cradle Of Filth. “This track is awesome because of the various groove changes and the way everything sits together within the arrangement and the rest of the tracks on the album. A real headbanger for the real metalhead!”

Rise Of The Empress will be released September 30 and can be preordered here. Learn more about the band on Facebook.