TRACK PREMIERE: Noctem’s “The Adamantine Doors (Orchestral Version)”

The Spanish answer to Behemoth, Noctem have been slamming out blackened death metal since 2001. Their third full-length, Exilium, drops today, and it sounds pretty damn evil. Of course, like many bands in the style, Noctem are big fans of symphonic bombast. In fact, one of the bonus tracks for the album is an orchestral version of the song “The Adamantine Doors.” It’s not very indicative of what you can expect from the rest of the record, what with the lack of blast beats and guitars and growling, but it’s a fun alternate take. You can hear it for yourself below.

***Exilium is out now on Prosthetic. You can order the CD/T-shirt package here, or get it digitally on iTunes or Amazon.