STREAMING: Num Skull “Ritually Abused”

Medusa Records is a label most metalheads won’t recognize. Based in Culver City, California, the label had a decent stint from 1986 to 1990, releasing a cadre of thrashers from Wrath and Wasted Youth to Christian metal acts Barren Cross and Vengeance Rising (remember their inexplicable inclusion in Hard ‘N Heavy’s Grindcore Special Issue VHS?). The Cali label’s biggest act was Illinois-based Num Skull. The group’s short-lived time on planet Earth started with debut, Ritually Abused. If we’re revising history with the last sentence, let us know.
Anyway, the dudes at Relapse have unearthed Ritually Abused, first reissued in 2002 by Skullsucker Music, for the modern era. Now that thrash metal (and reissues) are at an all-time (post-Megadeth Risk) high, Relapse have tapped Num Skull’s limitless energy, boundless violence for kids in reissue sneakers to enjoy like it’s 1988. Cold War not included.

Ritually Abused in full effect! Your Monday just got thrashtastic!

** Num Skull’s Ritually Abused is out September 16 on Relapse Records. Pre-order is available HERE.