All Your Heroes Dead? Grind to the UK’s Oblivionized and Razoreater

We at Decibel Magazine wish to apologize for not doing enough to support the development and dissemination of grind.  By including occasional articles about other forms of heavy music, some of which include discernible tempos and recognizably human vocals, we have polluted the “scene” (which died 15 years ago, though our anger about it keeps us grinding on anyway) and betrayed our rotten souls with even our half-assed dope-nod attempt at selling out.
Today, we hope to rectify the situation (by the way, Rectify Dissemination would be a great band name if those words meant what they sounded like).  Witch Hunter Records have just released a cassette (and free digital download) of a face-shredding live performance from the U.K.’s Oblivionized and Razoreater.  The recording was captured on July 19th of this year at the Stuck On A Name recording studio in Nottingham.

Here are a pair of videos from those performances, accompanied by commentary from each of the bands.  Get in the fucking pit!

Zac Broughton, Oblivionized:
Oblivionized started gigging in 2010. we’ve always just done our own thing. At the centre it’s about expressing ourselves and pushing what we do musically and conceptually. We’ve put our several splits and EP’s independently, and with DIY labels, while touring over the past few years. This year we recorded our full length Life Is A Struggle, Give Up and we’re working on getting that released currently.

I was just chatting with Will and we were like “mate it’d be fun to do a live recording, as recording a record isn’t quite the same as a gig.” Then I was like “yeah that would be sick.” So we put the idea together and I thought it’d be nice to put out on cassette, so I asked Witch Hunter if they wanted to be involved, obviously Stuck On A Name is a great place to do this, it’s a recording studio my friend Ian Boult runs that puts on ace shows. It all just fell into place, so I sent the idea to Stephan to see if Razoreater wanted to jump on make it a split.  We filmed it also with help from Justine (Justine Jones Photography, Employed To Serve.)

We recorded a lot of material from our album, we’re really into this material and just wanted to share what we do live with the people who care, so it’s all online you can watch the full sets on YouTube, download the songs off the WHR Bandcamp and pick up a cassette.

It was a really fun show, our mates Let It Die played and they were sick, Razoreater were nuts, everyone at SOAN is rad so it was just like any other gig but with mics and cameras. We’ve got some great music here I think Stuck On A Name is as really positive place, you get loads of different bands crossing over there. It’s a really good time, I think it’s important to capture this stuff.  If you download the audio of the split on the Witch Hunter Bandcamp, you get an extra track with Let It Die’s live set recorded, it’s ace. there is also a bunch of other great bands on there, all name your price.

Stephan Pickels, Razoreater:
We are Razoreater, a Grind enthused hardcore band from Peterborough. We started life early 2012 after being musically idle from previous bands for a while. When we first jammed we just wanted to have fun and continue the British tradition of being fast, loud and obnoxious. We’re all best mates that grew up listening to the same stuff so it was pretty easy to get things going and get a general feel for our sound straight away. Razoreater has evolved over the time we’ve been a band but we’ve always kept to the same recipe for writing and playing shows so its a pretty natural evolution we feel. We released our first demo tape through Church Of Fuck which was limited to 50 and had 4 tracks on it, it was pretty raw but that’s exactly what we wanted at the time. After that came the split 7′ with Iced Out which also came out on COF limited to 300. Both bands had 2 tracks a side on that one. We recently recorded our next studio record which should be out later this year!

Basically, the split with Oblivionized came about when I was up late one night a few months back and got a message from Zac. He’d basically planned everything out in this email and all he needed from us was a yes or no answer. Straight away we agreed to it because we have nothing but the utmost respect for those guys and their band. Also, the idea Zac had was sick so it was an absolute no-brainer for us to do it and release something with them.

The track list we chose for the Oblivionized split is a healthy mix of old and brand new. We wanted to give people a good spectrum of what we are and what we’re about. Most of Ben’s lyrics are about masking social anxieties, misanthropic feelings and the expectations of reality whilst living a day to day life. they also round up everyone in the bands collective mindset and life experience.

Overall we’re really happy with how the live split tape/video came out, everyone at the show had a wild time and so did we, so what can be better?  Hopefully the people that buy it will enjoy it as much as we did. Its out now through Witch Hunter records on purple cassette, limited 100.

Check out the free download here, and find other Witch Hunter releases here.