Exclusive: Stream The New Noisem

By now Decibel readers have come to know and love the young upstarts in Noisem. They turned heads during the last Decibel tour (and almost got Jeff Walker of Carcass in a lot of trouble — check out the details in the instant oral history). So Decibel and our friends at A389 Recordings are excited to premiere the main track off the new Noisem seven-inch.
Here’s what’s cool about this: RSR Records (Europe) and Amputated Vein Records (Japan) are part of this release. There are three versions of the 7″ — all limited to 500 copies.

Side A features the new song “Consuming,” Noisem’s opener for many recent sets. The band then recorded three classic cover songs by Terrorizer, Slayer and Cannibal Corpse to use as three b-sides. The songs have been dispersed randomly among the versions.

Check out the new tune below and then follow the links to get a pressing of your choice.

Red Version – A389 Recordings

European Gold version – RSR Records

The Japanese Blue version w/Obi Strip — Amputated Vein Records