For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Well, the editors of this told me “if you don’t have anything nice to squawk, don’t squawk anything at all.”So like you’re not going to be able to bear what I have to pecking say about this week’s major release, like can’t peck  it at all, Paul.
What time is it? MIDNIGHT release No Mercy for Mayhem, and well, it’s a Midnight record, that’s for sure. They really haven’t changed their sound up at all, and in this feathered opine, that’s a good thing. This is just pure headbanging fun. You should know how this sounds: trash can drums, heavily distorted bass, blown-out guitars and barked vocals all over a death rock, Venom-ish sort of gallop, with a little trad metal thrown in. I kinda like it, but you know, like, do we need another one of these releases out there?  I think this is keen, but not winning any points for originality. So… 5 Fucking Pecks.

Wow, this is loud. SEA OF BONES put out the 91-minute (?!?!) The Earth Wants Us Dead on Gilead. This is LOUD, like I said, but unlike the previous review, this thing has a bite to it. There are DEFINITE nods to Neurosis here, without sounding like a clone. This reminds you that life is a futile and pointless endeavor. This is doom, but punishing and raw, sometimes plodding, sometimes pretty, but always dark and constantly mean. The one drawback to this is that it’s sooooo long; it’s a lot to ask from the listener.  I am digging this, though. 6 Fucking Pecks.

All right, enough with doom for now. Are you ignorant as peck? And not in a slam metal sort of way? KING 810 is on your scene with Memoirs of a Murderer. This sucks; I’ll just say it. I mean, this is part Limp Bizkit, part Hatebreed and part Emmure.  Apparently they are from  Flint, Michigan, the most dangerous city in America. They perform with guns onstage, as well as yellow crime scene tape, and various members have been involved in an assortment of illegal activities.  But enough about the image: This is shitty mosh nu-metal. The biggest complaint is that the vocals feel VERY put-on, and the riffs are super pedantic, like something your high school nephew (or niece) may write on their first guitar. Total birdshit.  I wonder why they don’t spell it “KYNG 810,” though. The “Stitches” (note:  Stitches is good, though) of nu-metal. Not even good for a laugh. 1 Fucking Peck.